About Us

     The Winners Dialogue is the brainchild of founder Leon Stanford. His primary objective for starting the company is to lend a helping hand to anyone currently or inspiring to enter into the world of entrepreneurship. Understanding that life has many twists and turns that sometimes derail us from our mission it’s paramount that we have resources and people to help keep us on track. The foundation of this company was grounded in the moral obligation to those in search of a better life. It is our duty that we share the information and resources we obtain with those in need.


    Here at The Winners Dialogue, we believe that within everyone shines a bright light where purpose and greatness dwell. Sometimes with all the moving parts in our daily lives, it seems hard to live the dream life we truly want. It is our hope that as a member of The Winners Dialogue Community we will provide you with the necessary tools and resources that unlock that bright light of potential within yourself so you can be who you were met to be.