Winners Challenge

Mystical Eye Gazer

Mystical Eye Gazer      


Time allotted for the challenge:

  • 1 day (full day)

How to complete the challenge:  

     Try to imagine yourself stuck at the bottom of a well. Now imagine while you are stuck at the bottom of this well someone comes strolling pass and takes a look into the well where you are stuck at. Try to embody this feeling, as that new onlooker could potentially be the one who could rescue you. Now select a day where your not in a rush and have optimal free time.  Practice not only engaging with the people around you but be fully present when interacting with everyone you encounter. Whether it be, passing them briefly in the street or holding a routine conversation with them at work. Give them your full undivided attention. Yes, this means that a special little phone is tucked away neatly in your pocket or purse during the entirety of the interaction.

Keys to ensuring the challenge is met:  

  • Avoid sudden shifts of your eyes when eye gazing.
  • Keep your chin up and be natural.
  • When eye gazing in unfamiliar areas (i.e, public places) you are allowed to listen to your headphones. Music tends to help with nerves and awkwardness.  

What is gained by doing the challenge:

     This exercise will not only change how you view people but embed in you the vastness of the world and the people in it. So, if we all just take a second to stop and look around at all the people that we interact with as not just another face, but as someone who is maybe the answer to a problem you’re facing presently or could face in the future. You never know who may prove to be a valuable resource. In addition, this exercise teaches you to be attentive and present when communicating. With more attentiveness you will be able to learn how to read body language and become a more active and engaging communicator; people will feel more connected to you and in turn, the value of your rapport will increase.

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