Winners Challenge

My Condolences

My Condolences  


Time allotted for the challenge:

  •   One Week 

How to complete the challenge:  

     Goals and dreams are something we all strive to achieve, but too often we get sidetracked. Maybe it’s the kids, maybe it’s the long work weeks, or you just want to binge watch that new show that all your friends have been raving about. A wise man once said, “if you don’t have time, then you don’t have priorities.” Rather than waiting until you are on your deathbed reflecting on every opportunity you missed or goal you didn’t accomplish, take action. The difference between living your life day by day and living life on your terms will be determined by conscious planning and execution, or lack thereof. The time to take control of your life is now, and what better way to take action then by prioritizing the things you deem most important to you. Take a day or two to really think about the top 5 things you feel has been something that has constantly alluded you, or about the things that will take your life to the next level. Sometimes this can seem easier said than done. If you ever been to a funeral of some sort you have witnessed the reading of a eulogy. It almost goes the same way every time. Someone takes the stage and then begins to commemorate a person’s life journey listing out positive impacts, contributions, and all the great things that person has accomplished in their lifetime. Without consciously thinking about it we are writing our own eulogy every day, but what if you were in control of the story that is being painted. Guess what? YOU ARE! We may not get as many rings as Michael Jordan or as many Oscars as Katharine Hepburn, but we can take control of the wheel and guild our life’s ship to our dream destination. I challenge you to write your own eulogy (in the literal sense). In it write about all the things you wish to accomplish before you die. This will help flush out all the things you truly value and hope to accomplish before death.

Keys to ensuring the challenge is met:

  • Keep your pen, journal, handy and accessible.
  • Set aside a dedicated time frame every day (recommended at least 20 mins) until you feel content about the accuracy of your document.
  • Keep in mind that the difference in the quality of life you live and want to live is completely in your hands.

What is gained by doing the challenge:

     This exercise will help to clarify your thoughts as well as your feelings on what things you truly value in your life. In addition, the exercise will open your mind to the possibilities that come with living your life with an actionable plan. By having a physical reference sheet for your life you will never forget the “why” behind the decision you make. Being able to have subtle reminders of the why behind why you are working long hours and pushing yourself harder will make it easier to justify with each item checked off your list.

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