Winners Challenge

Journal Like a Motherf*#cker

Journal Like a Motherf*#cker  

Time allotted for the challenge:

  • 30 days x 30 mins daily                                                

How to complete the challenge:  

     Try journaling for 30 days straight on one topic for 30 mins a day. You can choose anything from current thoughts, daily reflections, or struggles you encountered throughout the day; prior to journaling.

Keys to accomplishing challenge:

  • Set reminders on your phone, tablet, and/or pc.
  • Try journaling at the same time every day; this will help you in gathering your thoughts beforehand.
  • Keep your pen and journal; handy and accessible.
  • Spelling and grammar are not the primary objectives here so save those masterful editing skills for after the 30 min mark.

What is gained by doing the challenge:

      This exercise will help bring clarity to your thoughts, as well as your feelings. Keeping a consistently documented log will help you improve your organization and writing skills. In addition, journaling is known to boost creativity while reducing stress levels.

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